History of Japanese Tattoos

History of Japanese TattoosThe Japanese tattoo has a very long history and perhaps made his first appearance since the 5th century BC. However, tattoos are not respectable for a very long time. In the sixth century AD leaving, they were exclusively reserved for the punishment and criminals and untouchables were identified by marks on their arms or forehead.

It was not until the late 17th century that tattooing began to evolve from a shameful mark in a decorative embellishment. But it took until the mid-1800s that he really started to take off under the influence of a popular book called The Water Margin or Suikoden.

Finally, like high society was interested in late 19, the government decided that tattooing was a threat to public morals and has tried to outlaw. The country was open to the West for the first time and the fear was that the tattoo he gave a false impression from the outside, suggesting that Japan was a superstitious country and out of touch with the outside world. Ironically, the prohibition of tattoos does not extend to foreign participants, who were delighted by the complexity of the Japanese and very happy to meet with the hands of teachers. Even today, tattoos are a secret that people tend not to see the decoration in public, preferring to let a river that flows from the skin in the chest so they can continue to wear the traditional dress hapi without fear of exposure.


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