Hair Cuts 2012 New Look

Glamour girls steal men hairstyle. Man-like look is sophisticated and it always takes a real woman to pull it off. So among women short hairstyles 2012 we can observe the same trends as we see in men hairstyles 2012. Romantic rebel – the hair on the top of the head is longer and it is styled upwards with the help of a hair gel. Short hair parted extremely on the left or right will give you a “good boy” look. Messy curls will soften the look and add some feminine charm.


You can also use a hair band or a hairpin with a flower. Glamour short hairstyles 2012 foto. Many women are afraid to chop off their long hair into short hairstyles as they are afraid that having short hair would make them look masculine and less feminine. This is however untrue, as there are plenty of short hairstyles which would still bring out the feminine and girly side of women. It is all about knowing which short hairstyles are the best.


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