Now let’s get down to work and start talking about the best celebrity tattoos. Say hello to our first guest, Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie’s body looks like a parchement or a cartoon. There is hardly any room left to make another tattoo. On her arm, over an old drawing representing a dragon with the name of ex-husband Billy Bob Thorton, she tattooed the grid coordinates of the places where her children were born. On her back, Angelina sports a tattoo made in Bangkok. Five columns in Khmer writing, an ancient Cambodian writing, that bring good luck and health. If you come up against Angelina’s back you will be able to read the inscription “know your rights” tattooed on her neck. She also tattooed the Chinese letter “H” on the inner part of her left wrist. On her right forearm she tattood the Arab word “ilazima” that means “level of wealth”.
Although most tattooes are usually covered by her clothes, the truth is that Angelina’s body looks like a tattoo gallery. On her back she sports an enormous dragon, on her groin a cross with a motto in Latin language: “what nurtures me destroys me”. Jolie’s tattoos are famous to the extent that someone has manufactured t-shirts featuring all of them. Here you are the pictures of Angelina Jolie’s tattoos.


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