Butterfly tattoos are the most sought tattoo designs among women and young girls. Not surprising because, butterfly designs offer great versatility of patterns and colors. They also come across as very ornamental and hence have great accessory value. On a more subconscious level, it is indicative of a very delicate and aesthetic personality of the person wearing it.
Butterfly tattoos are not only beautiful, but also very sassy and not time-bound. Hundreds of butterfly tattoo designs and thousands of their variants are available to choose from. Here is the description of the most popular butterfly tattoo designs:

Lower Back Butterfly Tattoos:
A predominantly feminine design, lower back butterfly tattoo looks very sassy and can be sported with backless tops and low waist jeans. In this design form, the butterfly of choice forms the centre piece, resting at the centre of the lower back (in the spinal groove). From here, on either side, flowers or vines adorn the rest of the lower back, up to the end of the waist. The designs are usually symmetrical about the spinal column. Colorful patterns give more elegance and attractiveness to these tattoos.
Ankle Butterfly Tattoos:
Butterfly tattoos combined with flowers are the most popular among ankle tattoos for women. They are delicate and come in various art forms – Celtic and tribal are some of them.  Flower and butterfly tattoos are very common choices for those who get ankle tattoos. One can create their own personalized butterfly tattoo for such applications. For instance, try designing a vine of your favorite flowers with a unique butterfly hovering over it.
Arm Band Butterfly Tattoos:
Butterflies as arm band tattoos are very popular. There are many variations and combinations in this category; flowers and fairies are the commonest choices.
Butterfly and Fairy Tattoos:
Butterflies and fairies have been the combination of the fairy tales. Descriptions of fairies in literature show that they have wings that resemble those of butterflies. It depicts feminity and delicacy. They are common designs worn on the arms and waist.
Butterfly and Flower Tattoos:
Flowers and butterflies are inseparable. Where there are flowers there are butterflies; so also in tattoos. It is a natural combination and due to its delicate feel, is adapted in tattoo designs of ankles and cuffs.


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