Tattoos For Celebritie

A Tattoo is the application of an indelible pigment to the area just below the surface of the skin, which in effect changes the color of the skin in that region. The pigment is usually introduced with the aid of a needle. Tattoos have been in existence since ancient times, although it is not known exactly where they originated. The earliest recorded reference to tattoos was a comment made by Joseph Banks a naturalist with Captain Cook who described a particular race of people in Polynesia who tattooed themselves.
Tattoos have become a popular form of social expression, today this passion has even caught up with celebrities in a big way. Being a celebrity is just not enough. There is a need to stand out against the rest, and many celebrities attempt to achieve this by getting themselves tattooed.

A Few Examples of Celebrity Tattoos
Some of these tattoos are visible and some are on locations of the body which are usually covered with clothing. However, the locations of celebrity tattoos are usually public knowledge. Here are a few of them:
Celebrity Tattoos
  •     Comedian Tom Arnold has a remarkable tattoo of his ex-wife Roseanne on his chest.
  •     Eminem has a tattoo of his daughter on the biceps of his right arm.
  •     Steve-O, the American TV star and stunt person has a life-like self-portrait tattoo on his back.
  •     Lead singer of the rock band Limp Bizkit has a double tattoo on his chest of Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley.
  •     Actor Jamie Fox has his whole body tattooed with a flame-like design.
  •     Megastar actor Sylvester Stallone has created quite a sensation with the colorful tattoo of his wife Jennifer Flavin on his right shoulder.
Celebrity Tattoos Conclusion
These are just a few examples of celebrity tattoos. Somehow, tattoos on a celebrity seem to add to the mystique. People just love to follow-up on which celebrity is getting tattooed where and this evolves as a form of expression for these celebrities.


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