Wrist Tattoos

Having a wrist tattoo is not only a style statement but is also a subtle and an inexpensive way to show off your inner thoughts and beliefs. Here are a few things to consider before inking your wrist as well as some styles and designs to suit your preferences.
Things to Consider:
While a wrist tattoo is a perfect location to get a tattoo as you can flaunt it or hide it easily, but one must consider the following before getting it done:

  •     Getting a wrist tattoo is more painful than any other parts as the skin is thinner in this area.
  •     Wrist tattoos take longer to heal as it is a more exposed than other areas in our bodies.
  •     Choose a design carefully as per some reports almost 25 per cent people end up regretting their decision.
  •     Get a tattoo design which suits your profession, as you will have it for life unless of course you have the funds to get it removed.
Wrist Tattoo Styles:
  •     Bracelet / Wristband: This style is similar to an armband type of a tattoo this style of tattoo generally encircles the entire wrist.
  •     Inner Wrist tattoos: These tattoos are becoming extremely popular as one can decide the visibility quotient for these tattoos. Especially for people working in a formal workplace this tattoo can be concealed simply by a watch.
  •     Wrist tattoos extending to forearm: If you want a bigger tattoo than the inner wrist tattoo then go for these tattoos which begin from the wrist but extend towards the forearm for more visibility.
Wrist Tattoo Designs
    Flowers: Mostly adorned by women. It not only goes with their personality but also looks delicate.
    Celtic knot bands: These are in demand by both men and women for its sheer intricate beauty
    Barbed wire: This design is preferred more by men but some women go for it too. It gives a tough look to the wrist and usually symbolises marking one’s territory.
    Stars: In popular demand by both men and women especially celebrities. If you feel like a star, why not show it.
    Words and names: Words or names in different languages like English, Kanji or Sanskrit.
    Hearts: If you are a romantic or like to wear your heart on your sleeve, this one is for you.
    Butterflies: Quite popular with women as it looks delicate and beautiful. Also, symbolises rebirth or transformation
    Flames: Pretty popular with men. Flames generally symbolise passion or destructive power.
    Tribal Tattoos:  Whether it is Maori or Haida, both men and women like tribal designs.
    Fairy: This is ideal for women as it looks really feminine and full of fantasy.


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