American Idol Tattoo

Word is that American Idol finalist James Durbin has two, maybe three, tattoos and the rest of the finalists have none. From what I understand, one is his fiancĂ©e’s name, Heidi, and the other is his son’s name, Hunter. Rumor has it that there’s a third, a star. But the big news is the tattoo that his fans are getting: the word “Durbinator,” in a banner over a treble clef shaped like a heart. I wonder if there are more “Durbinator” designs popping up among his many avid supporters.
There have been other tattooed Idol contestants, but there probably hasn’t been to much made of it, due to the fact that “some” people probably wouldn’t vote for someone with ink. As popular as tattoos are (nearly 40% of the population), there are some folks who still think body art is reserved for axe murders and baby-killing bikers. Hey, when you need votes from everyone, you have to consider everyone, especially when you start showing off your ink to the general public. People are still getting fired from their jobs and asked to leave certain “family-oriented events” for having tattoos, and when you need all the votes you can get… perhaps the best idea is to keep them covered.


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