Lotus Flower Tattoos and Pictures Gallery 2012

The lotus tattoos are found to be linked with deep symbolism that is held in Buddhist beliefs. Lotus flower tattoos are normally drawn with the feet in the ground while the head is facing upward. At the same time each petal will have the effect of showing man’s struggle to exist. In the middle or center, the significance will be showing enlightenment and balance that people strive for. Also Lotus flower tattoos can be used to symbolize coming out of an unfavorable situation as strong and beautiful.
One of the high levels of mythology that has been surrounding the lotus flower has made it be used as a symbol of creation. Even though Lotus flower tattoos can be quite simple, some may feature designs that are intricate. Of the interesting ideas on could choose from would be to show the Kundalini practice by use of the seven chakras. These chakras are used to represent the elements. The remaining ones are associated with consciousness or enlightenment. Lotus flower tattoos frequently show the flower on its own, and most of the time this is in its natural setting. Other tattoos show the flower coming out of an area that has a lot of mud. In other pictures the lotus can be seen floating peacefully on a water body of any size.
In such a setting the lotus is normally surrounded with some buds that would be shown as flitting around the bud of the flower or with birds flying round it. Other Lotus flower tattoos artists tend to take the flower’s image and add extra elements such as fire, beams, stars etc. this elements are normally depicted from the petals.
It is mostly done by showing the elements bursting through the lotus flower petals. Though these type of tattoos sound very exciting, care should be taken when going to get one of them. Some of the tattoo artists have a shallow experience in creation of such tattoos therefore they may not be able to depict what you had in mind. A professional tattoo artist who has been in business for several years would be the best for this type of tattoo.


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