Scarlett Johansson’s Tattoos

As the septum piercing in the photo above and the plentiful rumors about her sexual exploits clearly show, Scarlett Johansson has a bit of a wild side; so of course she’s got some tattoos. The Avengers and We Bought A Zoo star has three tattoos that we know of (we can’t vouch for anything she might have hidden), none of which are particularly large or intricate, but all of which have meaning to her. To show her love for New York, ScarJo has inked that exact message on her wrist; she has a bracelet tattoo that features a charm that reads ” I (Heart) NY”. Her other tattoos are a sun over the sea on her forearm, and two interlinked circles with an “A” in the middle on her ankle; she refuses to answer as to the meaning behind either one, but assures people that they both hold a special meaning to her. Look for ScarJo to get some more ink in the future; we’re not sure why, but she just seems like she’s got more skin-work in her.


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