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One belief that makes an excellent tattoo is the Yin Yang. Black is the yin and white is the yang. The symbol itself contains black on one side and white on the other side. The white and black look at thought they are fluid and almost flowing into one another. The Yin Yang tattoo is a statement of a person’s belief. Good and bad balance each other out. The duality of life can be viewed in the Yin Yang tattoo.
The normal Yin Yang tattoos come in black and white. There are variations of this, though. When using the Yin Yang on a tattoo the color can be personalized. You could change the two colors of black and white to any two colors you are passionate about- red and blue or green and pink. Any two colors can be used. The great thing about black and white is that they are opposites and really show the representation that you are trying to display. The opposite colors equal the duality in life.
So when you are choosing your Yin Yang tattoo, be open minded about the color and style. You can really make the Yin Yang tattoo your own. Where you place the tattoo will also be an issue. Put it somewhere you feel comfortable. A great place is the upper arm, chest or back. It is more dominating on the upper arm, especially if on a man. The symbol of the Yin Yang makes a great tattoo. Make sure it is exactly what you want and how you want it. Your favorite tattoo artist can help you with the customization. They can redraw it with your favorite color, size or style. Make the Yin Yang tattoo your own- have fun- and remember that the tattoo is for you and it should represent you.


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