Chinese Dragon Tattoos

Chinese Tattoos have always been very popular. At one stage they were in the area of criminals and the Mafia. Now it seems even Hollywood celebrities seem to have caught on in secret and withdraw from the Far East.
While they deny, is that classical chinese tattoos an attraction that can easily be appreciated regardless of whether you are the often subtle meanings or not can not understand.
In fact, Chinese people all over the world are affectionately known as the "lungs of the Dragon", or the Dragon "and" future generations. Chinese Dragon has several different species. The angle of the dragon was considered the most powerful. Fu Long's support and protection of God days. Earth Dragon Earth all the rules. Spirit of the dragon controls the winds and rain. Dragon's Treasure is the keeper of precious metals and precious stones. Dragon Wing is the only dragon with wings. Coiling dragon lives in the sea. Yellow Dragon is a hornless dragon known for academic knowledge.


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