Now let’s get down to work and start talking about the best celebrity tattoos. Say hello to our first guest, Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie’s body looks like a parchement or a cartoon. There is hardly any room left to make another tattoo. On her arm, over an old drawing representing a dragon with the name of ex-husband Billy Bob Thorton, she tattooed the grid coordinates of the places where her children were born. On her back, Angelina sports a tattoo made in Bangkok. Five columns in Khmer writing, an ancient Cambodian writing, that bring good luck and health. If you come up against Angelina’s back you will be able to read the inscription “know your rights” tattooed on her neck. She also tattooed the Chinese letter “H” on the inner part of her left wrist. On her right forearm she tattood the Arab word “ilazima” that means “level of wealth”.
Although most tattooes are usually covered by her clothes, the truth is that Angelina’s body looks like a tattoo gallery. On her back she sports an enormous dragon, on her groin a cross with a motto in Latin language: “what nurtures me destroys me”. Jolie’s tattoos are famous to the extent that someone has manufactured t-shirts featuring all of them. Here you are the pictures of Angelina Jolie’s tattoos.

Tattoos For Celebritie

A Tattoo is the application of an indelible pigment to the area just below the surface of the skin, which in effect changes the color of the skin in that region. The pigment is usually introduced with the aid of a needle. Tattoos have been in existence since ancient times, although it is not known exactly where they originated. The earliest recorded reference to tattoos was a comment made by Joseph Banks a naturalist with Captain Cook who described a particular race of people in Polynesia who tattooed themselves.
Tattoos have become a popular form of social expression, today this passion has even caught up with celebrities in a big way. Being a celebrity is just not enough. There is a need to stand out against the rest, and many celebrities attempt to achieve this by getting themselves tattooed.

A Few Examples of Celebrity Tattoos
Some of these tattoos are visible and some are on locations of the body which are usually covered with clothing. However, the locations of celebrity tattoos are usually public knowledge. Here are a few of them:
Celebrity Tattoos
  •     Comedian Tom Arnold has a remarkable tattoo of his ex-wife Roseanne on his chest.
  •     Eminem has a tattoo of his daughter on the biceps of his right arm.
  •     Steve-O, the American TV star and stunt person has a life-like self-portrait tattoo on his back.
  •     Lead singer of the rock band Limp Bizkit has a double tattoo on his chest of Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley.
  •     Actor Jamie Fox has his whole body tattooed with a flame-like design.
  •     Megastar actor Sylvester Stallone has created quite a sensation with the colorful tattoo of his wife Jennifer Flavin on his right shoulder.
Celebrity Tattoos Conclusion
These are just a few examples of celebrity tattoos. Somehow, tattoos on a celebrity seem to add to the mystique. People just love to follow-up on which celebrity is getting tattooed where and this evolves as a form of expression for these celebrities.

Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian tattoos are the symbols used to write ancient Egyptian language.  They were based on symbols that were a known has objects; this writing system is one of the oldest in the world.  The Egyptians called them “Gods Words”.  The Greeks were the first to discover them.  They would call them hiera grammata (the sacred letters), or hieroglyphica (the sacred carved letters).  Egyptians had three main tattoos that most people would get.  First would be the Ankh hieroglyph, which symbolized “life” or ‘”the breath of life”.  Second the Eye of Horus, which means all-seeing eye.  And finally is the Scarab, which Egyptians believed that you would have immortality if you got this tattoo.
Egyptian tattoos are in fact considered the original tattoos, as Egyptians are believed to have introduced the art of tattooing to the world. Evidences of this form of body art have been derived from the ancient Egyptian mummified bodies.
The most prominent ones are the ‘dashes and dots’ patterns on females. The various reasons for using tattoos in the Egyptian culture were:
  •     Religious
  •     Medical
  •     Amulet replacement
  •     Decoration
  •     Status sign

Even though most of the original Egyptian patterns are not prevalent today, the Egyptian symbols and Hieroglyphics are quite popular.
Common Styles in Egyptian Tattoos

Understanding the common styles will help you in choosing what suits you the best.
Egyptian Symbols:
The common Egyptian symbols translated to Egyptian tattoos today are,
  •     Sun – Sun symbolizes growth and protection. The Egyptian civilization depended on the Sun for various things and hence it became the most important symbol.
  •     Eye of Horus – ‘Eye of Horus’ or ‘Eye of Ra’ denotes immense power, protection, life, good luck and healing. It was used as an instrument for measuring. It was considered an all-seeing eye. This eye has been featured in the American dollar bill.
  •     Ankh – Ankh denotes eternal life, health and strength.
  •     Winged Solar Disk – Winged Solar Disk represents the battle form of Horus.
  •     Phoenix – Phoenix is mythical firebird. It represents mystical rebirth, sun, immortality, and resurrection.
Egyptian Gods:
  •     Egyptian culture had numerous Gods. However, today, the following are the popular choices for Egyptian tattoos.
  •     Anubis – Anubis with Jackal’s head is believed to weigh a person’s heart to find out whether that person is worthy of the netherworld. It is considered a cool design by today’s generation.
  •     Horus – Horus with Hawk’s head was Egypt’s king.
  •     Seth – Seth stands to represent violence, dessert and storm. He has aggression towards enemies and loyalty to Ra, the Sun God.
Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Egyptian Hieroglyphics have alphabets and pictures in rows and columns. One can get a favorite slogan or desired message in English or any other language translated to Egyptian Hieroglyphics for a unique and eye-catching tattoo.


Butterfly tattoos are the most sought tattoo designs among women and young girls. Not surprising because, butterfly designs offer great versatility of patterns and colors. They also come across as very ornamental and hence have great accessory value. On a more subconscious level, it is indicative of a very delicate and aesthetic personality of the person wearing it.
Butterfly tattoos are not only beautiful, but also very sassy and not time-bound. Hundreds of butterfly tattoo designs and thousands of their variants are available to choose from. Here is the description of the most popular butterfly tattoo designs:

Lower Back Butterfly Tattoos:
A predominantly feminine design, lower back butterfly tattoo looks very sassy and can be sported with backless tops and low waist jeans. In this design form, the butterfly of choice forms the centre piece, resting at the centre of the lower back (in the spinal groove). From here, on either side, flowers or vines adorn the rest of the lower back, up to the end of the waist. The designs are usually symmetrical about the spinal column. Colorful patterns give more elegance and attractiveness to these tattoos.
Ankle Butterfly Tattoos:
Butterfly tattoos combined with flowers are the most popular among ankle tattoos for women. They are delicate and come in various art forms – Celtic and tribal are some of them.  Flower and butterfly tattoos are very common choices for those who get ankle tattoos. One can create their own personalized butterfly tattoo for such applications. For instance, try designing a vine of your favorite flowers with a unique butterfly hovering over it.
Arm Band Butterfly Tattoos:
Butterflies as arm band tattoos are very popular. There are many variations and combinations in this category; flowers and fairies are the commonest choices.
Butterfly and Fairy Tattoos:
Butterflies and fairies have been the combination of the fairy tales. Descriptions of fairies in literature show that they have wings that resemble those of butterflies. It depicts feminity and delicacy. They are common designs worn on the arms and waist.
Butterfly and Flower Tattoos:
Flowers and butterflies are inseparable. Where there are flowers there are butterflies; so also in tattoos. It is a natural combination and due to its delicate feel, is adapted in tattoo designs of ankles and cuffs.

Wrist Tattoos

Having a wrist tattoo is not only a style statement but is also a subtle and an inexpensive way to show off your inner thoughts and beliefs. Here are a few things to consider before inking your wrist as well as some styles and designs to suit your preferences.
Things to Consider:
While a wrist tattoo is a perfect location to get a tattoo as you can flaunt it or hide it easily, but one must consider the following before getting it done:

  •     Getting a wrist tattoo is more painful than any other parts as the skin is thinner in this area.
  •     Wrist tattoos take longer to heal as it is a more exposed than other areas in our bodies.
  •     Choose a design carefully as per some reports almost 25 per cent people end up regretting their decision.
  •     Get a tattoo design which suits your profession, as you will have it for life unless of course you have the funds to get it removed.
Wrist Tattoo Styles:
  •     Bracelet / Wristband: This style is similar to an armband type of a tattoo this style of tattoo generally encircles the entire wrist.
  •     Inner Wrist tattoos: These tattoos are becoming extremely popular as one can decide the visibility quotient for these tattoos. Especially for people working in a formal workplace this tattoo can be concealed simply by a watch.
  •     Wrist tattoos extending to forearm: If you want a bigger tattoo than the inner wrist tattoo then go for these tattoos which begin from the wrist but extend towards the forearm for more visibility.
Wrist Tattoo Designs
    Flowers: Mostly adorned by women. It not only goes with their personality but also looks delicate.
    Celtic knot bands: These are in demand by both men and women for its sheer intricate beauty
    Barbed wire: This design is preferred more by men but some women go for it too. It gives a tough look to the wrist and usually symbolises marking one’s territory.
    Stars: In popular demand by both men and women especially celebrities. If you feel like a star, why not show it.
    Words and names: Words or names in different languages like English, Kanji or Sanskrit.
    Hearts: If you are a romantic or like to wear your heart on your sleeve, this one is for you.
    Butterflies: Quite popular with women as it looks delicate and beautiful. Also, symbolises rebirth or transformation
    Flames: Pretty popular with men. Flames generally symbolise passion or destructive power.
    Tribal Tattoos:  Whether it is Maori or Haida, both men and women like tribal designs.
    Fairy: This is ideal for women as it looks really feminine and full of fantasy.

Tattoos Pictures and Name Tattoos

Getting a tattoo done is a very personal choice and several factors come into play when one is faced with the question of how to choose tattoos. Some factors that have to be considered are size, placement, color and meaning of the design. It is important because it is permanent.
Other questions to answer in the how to choose tattoos decision process:

  •     Why do you want one?
  •     Is it for yourself or someone else?
  •     Are you old enough to do it?
  •     How will this affect you at work?
  •     Where is the tattoo going to be placed?
  •     Do you want a black one or one with multiple colors?
  •     How about a tattoo with writing?
  •     How to choose a tattoo artist?
  •     How about price?

How To Choose Tattoo

While you are trying to consider all the above, you can look at Tattoos pictures to get an idea what is available. One important thing to keep in mind is the skin texture as skin changes as we age. A tattoo artist will be able to guide you in picking one which will stay fresh for a long time. One can find many websites online which have several catalogs of tattoos pictures. Designs are placed in multiple categories such as:
  •     Animals
  •     Angels
  •     Scripts
  •     Tribal
  •     Names

Websites will show before and after tattoos pictures of simple and complicated designs, which should help you to fine tune your ideas and also pick components to create your own designs. If you are considering Asian characters inspired tattoos, make sure you talk to someone who knows the language to get the meaning right. Tattoo artists also post catalogs of their work online for information. This helps them to expand their business. You can look through their tattoos pictures to see if their style appeals to you.

When one is debating on how to choose tattoos, name tattoos are an option to consider. This decision has a few implications – you may not be in a relationship with that person anymore. It could mean that the person has died – which is a good reason to honor them to keep their memory alive. People choose to get name tattoos done with children’s names, a spouse or a grandparent or even a girlfriend.
Tattoos Names

As with all tattoos, there are several catalogs which present name tattoos in formats such as:
  •     Scripts or Fonts
  •     Asian inspired
  •     Combinations with flowers or animals or any other designs

In the case of getting Japanese, Chinese or Korean characters, make sure you get the correct translation as these languages are tricky and could end up meaning something other than what you intended. There is an amazing choice in the kind of tattoos one can get – the only limitation being space.

Tattoo Designs for Men

Whether you are a soldier, prisoner, rock star, sportsman, professional or a businessman, men and tattoos have had a strong association over centuries. One of the main reasons why men get a tattoo is to make macho style statement. Though, do remember that when it comes to tattoos bigger is not necessarily better, so choose a tattoo design which suits your personality, built and your profession.
Here are some Designs Especially for Men to Choose From. 
The Lion or Tiger – “The King of the Jungle” has been a symbol for power in Eastern and Western cultures as well as a symbol of royalty. The Lion or Leo is also a Zodiac sign. A Tiger Tattoo too symbolises ferocity and passion.
 Dragon – As one of the most popular mythological creatures especially in Japanese and Chinese cultures, the dragon tattoo symbolises warlike qualities. They look aggressive, powerful and fearsome.
 Tribal: Tribal designs like Maori, Haida and Polynesian are some of the most sought after tattoos as they reflect the inner warrior. Distinguishing the boys from the men, these tattoo designs come in a wide range and have a deeper significance like a design for marriage or for magical reasons.
 Skull: This design can serve a number of symbolic purposes like depicting danger, overcoming an ordeal or
  Celtic Cross – This is the symbol of faith and looks aesthetically beautiful too. Other Celtic knot designs are also quite popular.
  Wings: Wings denote speed, aspiring to take flight or generally being free.
  Eagle: This tattoo is a symbol of free spirit, power and masculinity which is quite in demand especially by men.
  Warrior: Whether it is in the form of a Japanese Samurai, an Aztec warrior or a Viking these tattoos are a symbol of fearlessness, strength and protection. Other designs in this category include swords and shields.
 Swallow: This little bird has a number of meanings. It defines health, wealth and loyalty. It also is a symbol of long distance travel.
     Archangel Michael: is the warrior angel which signifies the triumph of good over evil.
  Cultural Calligraphy: One can get words or phrases from various languages like Chinese, Sanskrit or Arabic which look artistic and literally say something.
Other popular tattoo designs include Koi fish, nautical star, phoenix, Ankh, guns, scorpion, pin-up girl or name of your child.

Tattoo Designs for Women

Thinking of getting a tattoo? Check out these beautiful tattoo designs for women to give an artistic and symbolic meaning to your body or personality.

    The Female Sign – This is not only a powerful symbol but also looks cool to have it, as it denotes the planet Venus.
    Ambigram - An ambigram is a word that can normally be read forward and backwards.
    Butterfly: A symbol of transformation and rebirth, a butterfly tattoo also looks delicate.
    Heart : Heart of course means love but there are a lot of variations of this symbol like a heart with wings symbolises freedom or a heart with an arrow is when you’ve had a bad experience in love.

    Sanskrit – This is an ancient Indian language has gained popularity and words or phrases in Sanskrit are in vogue.
    Dragonflies: A dragonfly tattoo symbolises stamina and also looks mystical and magical.
    Dolphin: Considered as the king of fish a dolphin tattoo mainly symbolises intelligence and grace.

     Fantasy: Women love fantasy and it’s no surprise that cherubs, cupid, fairies and angels are always in demand for them. Fairies and angels denote youthful innocence and childlike imagination.
     Flower Power:  Whether it is a rose or carnations, women love flowers for their softness, smell and beauty. Your choice of flower can also be related to your zodiac sign.
     Nautical Stars: Stars are an all time favourite. A single nautical star signifies creating one’s own path and achieving something in life; a design of a series of stars is also in fashion.
    Sun: The Sun represents a number of things like light, eternal power and courage.
    Om: This small, simple and sacred symbol has a big significance. It signifies the totality of the universe and the reverence of life
    Yin-Yang: The Yin-Yang symbol is quite famous and represents that everything has an opposite, and still, intertwined with each other.

 Other all time favourite tattoo designs are an anchor, swallow, cherries, harp, ladybug and so on.

No matter which one you choose, it is wise to carefully select a suitable design as it is likely to remain on you for the rest of your life.

Amazing Yakuza Tattoos On Arm Ideas

Yakuza Tattoos On Arm Designs
Yakuza is large organization in japan which fomous in the world, Many people in japan also know this organization. They have tattoo as a symbol for their organization, We call yakuza tattoos designs. Are you looking for yakuza tattoos ideas ? Maybe this tattoos designs ideas can give you inspiration, because i think this yakuza tattoos on arm will usefull for you.So please enjoy this yakuza tattoos.Thanks. . .
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