Sun Tattoos and Tattoo Designs

Just as the sun becomes the source of a first inspiration for a child when he begins to draw, similarly sun tattoos are the most elementary and basic form of tattoos. The reasons for the sun to be universally appealing are varied. Many perceive the sun to be motivating while for others it is a source of positive energy. People prefer to don sun tattoos for reasons which can be classified as religious and scientific. Sun tattoos are gaining huge popularity among young masses who consider the sun to be designated as “giver of life”.
There are various styles and designs available for a person who wishes to have a sun tattoo as a piece of body art. One of the designs gaining popularity is the tribal designs and the Celtic art. The sun images based on the Celtic art are quite ancient in nature. The design encompasses the circle of the sun as a spiral or several spirals embedded within each other. These sun tattoos are easy to create and are not very time consuming. They are not that large in size but still they are capable of leaving a mark of impact and power. Apart from the decision of the tattoo style and design, there is another important aspect which needs consideration. This aspect is the decision of whether to have a black and white or a colored tattoo. A colored sun tattoo will obviously have more magnetic powers than a simple black and white one. A sun tattoo with the trademark yellow and orange hues can look verSun Tattoo Designs1 Inspiring and Versatile Sun Tattoo Designsy attractive on the elbow or wrist. If you plan to have a larger sun tattoo with lots of spirals, then it is best to have it spread across your lower back. There can be numerous designs of the sun tattoo you are planning to have. Either you have a choice to get a full circled sun or a semi circled kind of an image.


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